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Nutrition At The Arbors

A Delicious Path To A Speedy Recovery

Nutrition plays a monumental impact on the body’s natural healing process. Rehabilitation requires energy, which comes from food. The higher quality the nutrients a patient consumes, the quicker they’ll be able to progress in their healing journey.

But taste is just as important. If a healthy meal isn’t delicious, your loved one won’t want to eat it. That’s why The Arbors offers tried-and-true recipes cooked in house. Our menu can be personalized depending on your loved one’s preferences and dietary needs.

Allergy & Specialized-Diet Friendly

We accommodate a number of dietary restrictions, from gluten intolerances and food allergies to low-sodium and ADA diabetic diets.

Properly Balanced For Optimal Nutrition

Our certified dietician follows the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Guidelines, created by nutritional specialists specifically for individuals recovering from surgeries.

Customizable Meal Plans

Your loved one can choose from a selection of wholesome, cravable recipes based on their own food preferences.

Popular Menu Items

Hand-breaded fried chicken

Chargrilled kabobs

From-scratch enchiladas

Brisket with potato salad

Stuffed bell peppers

Homemade cookies

Great Nutrition Starts At The Heart

At The Arbors, we understand how challenging staying in a new facility can be, especially if you’re used to a particular diet. We know that the most important therapy is the one patients will actually do.

That’s why we strive to provide healthy meals your loved one will enjoy and look forward to every day. Our menu is created on a three-week cycle, so patients don’t eat the same entrée multiple times unless they request it.


The menu is also left open for residents. If someone suggests a recipe, we’ll create a dish. Food that patients don’t like doesn’t stay on the menu.