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At The Arbors, our primary focus is care. From a caring staff to exceptional medical care, our Amarillo care home is devoted to helping your loved one heal.

Our registered and licensed nurses, certified nursing assistants, and experienced physical, occupational and speech therapists are some of the most highly skilled in our region. The Arbors offers skilled:

The Arbors Offers Skilled:

We Care For Your Family The Way You Care For Your Family.

We understand that placing your family member in a rehabilitation facility is scary and stressful. You are worried about finding a safe, comfortable surrounding for your loved one, a surrounding that is not their home. But we promise you this: We will care for your family like they are our family and make sure they have all the comforts of their own home.

Whether your loved one has suffered an injury, is recovering from an illness or is in need of care after a surgery, The Arbors offers skilled nursing and rehabilitation programs designed to provide individual care for each of our patients.

Our experienced nursing staff and in-house therapy team understand the diverse needs of our patients, and create unique, customized plans to help each and every patient.

As a short-term rehabilitation center, our goal is to get our patients back to an active, normal lifestyle. However, returning to your everyday routine after an injury or illness is not always feasible. In that case, our qualified, caring team devotes themselves to supporting our patients during this transition and setting them up for success once they leave The Arbors.

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